About Art In Motion

About Art In Motion…

Miss Ashley Jacobs, The Principle of Art In Motion opened the school when she was just 17 years old. Gathering her recognised teaching qualifications from North Liverpool Dance Academy gave her an insight to the world of teaching and knew instantly that was the road she had to go down.

So…in January 2010, Art In Motion was born. Within just one month of the dance school opening we were already training over 40 students and it was growing quickly. We first started in The Heath Methodist Church Hall in Runcorn and with the rapid growth of the school opened up at second venue at Weston Scout Hut on Weston Road. In 2011 we had to have a lot more hours than the venues could allow us so it forced us to move to our current location St Mary’s Church Hall in Halton Village.

St Mary’s Church Hall is a fantastic venue and best of all…Art In Motion are the sole users. The venue provide private parking, a lounge area, a spacious studio with polished wooden floor, a smaller studio space, a kitchen, disabled access and reception bar.

Over the years Art In Motion have taken a few examination sessions. All with 100% pass rate and high marks awarded. Art In Motion takes pride in their training for examinations, as the technique and quality of dance gained creates excellent dancers.

Art In Motion has also taken part in numerous performing opportunities:-

– Summer Open Day at Runcorn Fire Station (2010)

-One Small Step @ The Brindley Theatre – raising money for Cancer Research (2010 – 2013)

-Save The Children @ The Brindley Theatre – raising money for NSPCC (2013)

– ‘Do You Dare To Dream’  @ The Brindley Theatre (2012)

-‘Motion Picture’ @ The Brindley Theatre (2013)

-‘Celebration’ @ The Brindley (2015) …Celebrating 5 years of Art In Motion

 Art In Motion encourage students to develop a good sense of awareness of their body and fitness. Whether your child is attending A.I.M for a hobby, a love or their future, they will take the knowledge of their body, the confidence and the discipline gained away with them for life.

Art In Motion is a fantastic school with a friendly and warming atmosphere. Children here will make friends for life and Art In Motion are proud to watch the young stars grow into such wonderful young adults.

Although we do have lots of fun here at Art In Motion…we must remember Dance is a Discipline and good behaviour and respect is expected during the students time with us.

We are constantly trying to better ourselves and allow the students to take part in fabulous events all over the country.