Art In Motion




Art In Motion is a dance and theatre school based in Runcorn, Cheshire.

We provide specialised structured classes in…

-I.S.T.D Classical Ballet

-I.S.T.D Tap

-I.S.T.D Modern Theatre

                                                                                     -I.S.T.D National

                                                                                -Street Jazz and Limbering


                                                                             -Musical Theatre

                                                                               –Pre-School Dance and Movement Class


Art In Motion opened it’s doors to the community in January 2010 and is already training over 100 wonderful students, the school is constantly building, creating a fantastic, friendly atmosphere both in the studio and out.


HEAD GIRL 2012 – Ashleigh Evans.    MASCOT 2012 – Paige O’Neill.

HEAD GIRL 2013 – Jessica Beswick.   MASCOT 2013 – Amber Hassall

 HEAD GIRL 2014 – Niamh Ryan.   MASCOT 2014 – Nina Pickering

HEAD GIRL 2015 – Christie Reynolds.  MASCOT 2015 – Lucy Buckley